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Tuesday, 22 July 2014 13:29 Published in Speeches

Today the Premier and Minister of National Security, the Hon. Michael Dunkley JP, MP, called for respectful commentary regarding recent emotive dialogue which is dominating various mediums and forums of late.

And The Premier's comments come on the heels of the recent Human Rights Commission advisory.

Premier Dunkley said today, "As leaders we have a responsibility to encourage responsible and reasonable dialogue, and I am calling on all residents to engage in tolerant and respectful commentary towards one another. One of the things which makes our Country unique is the fact that we live in a thriving democracy, where people have the freedom to express their views on any given topic. And although we may have varying and diverse ideologies we live in a society where we can agree to disagree. Our commentary doesn't need to get to a point of the denigration of anyone – whether we are Bermudian or non-Bermudians we are all residents who call our Island home. We should all value one another and have appreciation for each other's viewpoints without attacking each other or being disparaging."

The Premier concluded, "Our differences should not get to such a place where it divides us as a people and as a Country."

Tuesday, 22 July 2014 12:19 Published in News All

Press statement by the Commissioners of The Human Rights Commission regarding the Human Rights Act 1981 and the employment position of those with PRC status.

The Commissioners recently flagged concern over the rising tide of anger in our community over the PRC Status debates, and the discriminatory comments being directed at politicians, Bermudians, PRC holders, non-Bermudians and others who commented on the issues. Further, in line with our educational remit, we sought to clarify any confusion or misunderstanding of the basic legal position in respect of the Human Rights Act 1981 (the "Act") and the employment position of those with PRC Status.

Monday, 21 July 2014 14:01 Published in News All

The Department of Waste Management, Ministry of Public Works, today advised that due to the Cup Match holiday, West End garbage will be collected on Monday, July 28th and Wednesday, July 30th. East end garbage will be collected on Tuesday, July 29th and Saturday August 2nd. Recycling will be collected on Thursday, August 7th in the West and Friday August 8th in the East.

When enjoying Bermuda's outdoor environment this holiday season remember to mindfully handle your waste by leaving public areas clean and beautiful for the next person. Try to practice pack-in-pack-out; take waste home with you for disposal instead of leaving on docks, beaches and parks.

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